Hi, I’m Cass…

and here’s Dax.

How did we get here?

I am an Uptown Phoenix twenty-something that loves cooking, traveling, going to concerts, shopping, and spending life with my dog, Dax.

Growing up, I always had a passion for doing things that made me happy, and that is how I discovered my love for food and music. I was also lucky to be able to travel a lot in my early twenties – which kickstarted my passion for traveling.

In May 2020, my life changed in the best way possible when I found the love of my life, Dax – my six year old Australian Kelpie Mix. Combining all three aspects plus Dax…and my friends requests for travel, music and restaurant recommendations – Cass and Dax was born.

Read more to follow our journey – one recipe, restaurant, concert and trip at a time.